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Filling in your online application

Thank you for having chosen the University of Lausanne (UNIL).

Please read the following information carefully:

The admission conditions can vary depending on the secondary education or university diploma or other former academic studies. Before proceeding with the online application, please read the admission conditions and check if you consider fulfilling them. You can find the admission conditions on the web page:, or in the brochure including the Rectorate's regulations on registration conditions. By proceeding with your application, you confirm that you have read the admission conditions.

You can find the deadlines concerning your application and the tuition fees under: Regulations regarding fees and deadlines.

If you need more information on the programmes offered by UNIL or if you are not sure about the name of the programme or the faculty offering it, please check the following web page first:

Don't forget to take notice of the documents listed at the end of the online application. They must be sent to us, in order to enable us to examine your application. Note that incomplete applications will not be considered. Don't forget to confirm your registration at the end of the online application within the given deadline.

If you wish to study at UNIL as an exchange student (mobility) or if you have obtained a Swiss Government Scholarship this online application does not apply to you. Please contact the Social Affairs and Student Mobility (

How to fill in the online form?

Your identification data and a password of your choice will enable you to log into your application again after an intentional or unintentional interruption.

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